Philly Cheesesteak Locations







Northern California and S.F. Bay Area

2561 N 1st Street San Jose, CA

It's a new philly cheesesteak join in San Jose.  We serve philly
cheesesteaks, 12 different flavors of chicken wings (Original Hot, Mild,
Habanero, Creamy BUffalo, Sweet Chili Glazed, Teriyaki, Hickory Smoked BBQ,
Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Southwestern, Jamaican Jerk, and Cajun).  We also have Chicken Strips for the ones who don't like chicken with bones.
That you can choose it tossed with any of our 12 flavors or as dips.

For the healthier crowd, we also feature fresh tossed salad: Philly's House
Salad, Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad, Classic Chicken Caesar Salad, and
Philly's side salad.

  Calvin's Cheesesteak's and Hoagies located at 1411 The Alameda in San Jose, CA.   408-286-5626  Hours:

Mon-Thu. 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fri. 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Sat. 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

A bit difficult finding the place as it was squeezed in between a bunch of other businesses.  One parking spot in front just big enough for my van to get into.  Rest of the spots were 'red-zoned.'  Kind of like a hole-in-the wall Philly style cheesesteak shop.  Two tables inside, bunch of Philly signs on the walls and tables outside.  I imagine this place is packed on Fri-Sat.  dunno.

Ordered a couple 'Pepper' Cheesesteaks along with a plain to take home.  They were 'okay,' and can not compare to the best one's I have had.  (Pudge's in Blue Bell, PA)  Wife said her's was 'dry' and my son agreed with me.  If I gave it a rating, I would say perhaps 5.65 (out of ten).  The roll was
 okay - 8" long and the steak was basically okay.  I asked for onions and I love to have them piled on and there was hardly any.  I can not understand paying EXTRA for peppers.  I'd add .5 to the rating if I had enough onions.  Checked out Yelp ratings and saw that they served Birch Beer, but I didn't find any.  Ambiance means something to me and at 10:45am, it's kind of dead there.  I gave them credit for not 'slopping' the whole thing together while cooking.   I'm starting to thing that Philly Cheesesteaks fall into three categories:  Terrible, okay and fantastic.  I can't really say which of Amato's, Stevie's or Calvin's is better; they were just okay.


EMERYVILLE PUBLIC MARKET.  Went there for lunch yesterday with some friend's.  They have a food court over there with many eateries.  Have gotten fish and chips there which were half-way decent, but nowhere near as good as London Fish and Chips in Hayward or Giovanni's in Morro Bay.  Had some Japanese Curry previously which wasn't all that great.  This time I got my food from a place called Philly's Cheese Steak. Large assortment of many variations of the sandwich and they have other things there too.  I've learned that if the person cooking the steak, etc. doesn't speak with a Joisey Accent, than it's not going to be really good.  This one was okay - comparable to one's I have eaten at festivals and fairs.  Steak, cheese, peppers, onions and mushrooms were all slopped together.  The roll was good and it was grilled.  However, it bothers me when these people ask me if I want lettuce on my sandwich.  Come on now, who really makes a good PCS Sandwich with lettuce?  As I said before, you need to cook the steak by itself and add the cheese toward the end.  Cook the onions and peppers separately and after you have put the cheese and steak onto the roll, you scoop up the O&P and place them on top and then eat it!!! Anyhow, the sandwich was okay and you do not go to this 'food court' for 'fine dining'  Being a 'businessman' I can see that a number of these food businesses are truly suffering from slow sales, especially during the official 'eating' hours - lunch & dinner.  Maybe I am missing something, don't know.  A good number of the Asian food vendor's grab toothpicks with meat on them and ask you if you want a sample.  Hopefully, I'll give you more reports on the food there in future visits.   




1162 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA ph.(408)-246-4007
I would like to inform you about a restaurant in San Jose, California that serves cheesteaks almost better that Philly's. They also serve hoagies that taste so fresh and delicious. There are so many types of sandwiches it would take me a month to try them all. They also have a "Pizza Twist" also known as a pansiradie. The toppings for that is sausage, cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and meatballs(your choice). The name of the restaurant is "Amatos" which originated in Camden and Pennsauken. NJ. I think that the quality of the steaks, pizza, hoagies and fries are great and some of the best I have ever tried.


We had some cheesesteaks from here and they were pretty good.  Pricey though but you get a lot.  Better than Cheese steak by Dave.


Please read what I have to say on Western Artists and Vendors.  I recently had a cheesesteak from Amato's and it really wasn't that good.




University Ave., Berkeley, CA; San Francisco, CA, Pleasanton, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Castro Valley, CA


Here's somebody's review:
Cheese Steaks in the west... Well, in my view, there are few. Having been introduced to the wonders of a great cheese steak many years ago I have become very fond of "real" ones and very intolerant of imitators. So, I am writing this to say that you failed to mention the BEST cheese steak shops on the west coast. These would be the businesses operating under the name "Cheese Steak Shop" that I have visited in the following general locations: Cheese Steak Shop, University Avenue, Berkeley California


I've eaten at a lot of Cheese Steak Shops... Berkely, Castro Valley, San Francisco, Pleasanton.  The sandwiches are pretty good, but can not compare to one's in Philly.  If you are not from the East Coast, you'll enjoy these.  Rolls are skinny, but the 15" cheese steak sandwich is a meal in by Dave


NEW:  Cheesesteak Shop in Hayward at Skywest Commons Shopping Center, 19631 Hesperian Blvd.




1781 Winchester Blvd, Campbell CA 95008 408-374-1415
A "New Jersey Style" cheesesteak shop & sports bar. The quality of the cheesesteaks is comparable to that you'd find on the East Coast: Steak, onions & cheese on a good roll. The atmosphere of the place is similar to a Philly cheesesteak shop.  . They also sell Tastykakes, burgers, subs, and pizza. For Eagles fans, their menu includes a letter from the Eagles identifying Jerseys as a 'official Eagles West Coast headquarters.' There's LOTS of Eagles posters and memorabilia on the walls




Sonoma County, Pet. Blvd. N.
I'm from Buffalo, New York & now living in Sonoma County, CA. There is a little hole in the wall sandwich shop in Petaluma (on Pet. Blvd N.) called New York Subs that makes the best sandwiches! Not only do they make Philly cheese steaks, But Italian sausage & meat balls subs. YUM! You gotta try it.




3301 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA (415) 922-2211


A green banner bearing the phrase "You're in Eagles Country" is the first clue that Jake's Steaks ins't going to offer the California cuisine.  One bite of the wonderfully greasy cheesesteak confirms it Jake's menu has all the requirements of the sought after Philly favorite Amaoroso's rolls flown in from the City of Brotherly Love, pape thin curls of juicy steak and option to order the sandwich "whit with"




1219 Forest Ave., Ste B, Pacific Grove, CA 93950-5136 PH.- (408)-373-3993
Well, unlike me, you can still enjoy all of these places so happy munching. As for me, I will continue to make my own or I will visit Stevie's Philadelphia sandwich shop (Forest Ave) in Pacific grove. He not only sells authentic Philly Sandwiches, he also sells Tasty Kakes. They are not as good as the aforementioned but they will do for West Coast.



304 S 3rd St  San Jose, CA 95112  (408) 286-8811   Menu

Cheesesteaks has arrived to downtown San Jose. Join us at 304 S 3rd St and E San Carlos St. Hoagie Steak Out will be serving the finest and tastiest cheesesteaks in town to the delightful students, residents and visitors.


Hoagie Steak Out is a place where college students can enjoy great food, in a lively atmosphere at an affordable price. Why settle for fast food when you can get a fresh hot sandwich made to order. We proudly serve up the freshest chicken and steak sandwiches, plus our award winning sauce makes our sandwiches to die for. So next time, when you are close by downtown San Jose, do not forget to stop by and try out our tasty menu.


MY REPORT.  I haven't been there yet, but will try sometime when I'd down there.  Steaks are inexpensive and looks like you would see a bunch of college kids there who probably couldn't tell what a good cheesesteak is.  Wow.  Take a look at the place.  It looks like a frat house, doesn't it.  I checked it out on Google Street View and it is indeed a house.  Might be interesting to check it out sometime.  Let me know if you have been there.


Here's a review from the SJ Mercury News.   Read what they said in Yelp